Preparing baby food – a Joyfilled moment

I experience great JOY when making baby food for my little Em. Something about going to the market and  hand picking each item that I will be feeding her. Knowing that each item is full of nutrients, fresh and real. I get all of the items home and I wash them all, chop them and then either bake, steam or throw in the crock pot.


Don’t let anyone fool you – this is more time-consuming than just buying jars of baby food from the store. BUT homemade food is far more rewarding and healthier for mama and baby. Not to mention the variety of food is endless!

This weekend was a big baby food making day – I made pumpkin, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, chicken, quinoa, peas, avocado and green beans. I feel like there was more – but maybe not. In the freezer I already had sweet potatoes, acorn squash, prunes and chicken. I always keep organic non-sweetened apple sauce (you know JUST APPLES) in the fridge and bananas on the counter.

Steaming and baking keeps the most nutrients in the food. When you boil food a lot of value gets lost in the water. After I am done cooking the item – I either mash it or throw it in my blender. I use a NINJA blender and it is wonderful. I even put roasted chicken breast in the blender and puree it smooth. Looks gross but at least you know it is real chicken.

Then I put the food into ice-cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, I put each food in freezer safe baggies and label and date the bag. The night before I set out all of her food for the next day and put it the refrigerator. Ta-da! It’s a bit of a process but I love it. Realistically, this food will last baby Em 3-4 weeks before I need to make another batch. It takes me a few hours to prepare all of this food – one to two times per month. Worth every bit of time!

tonight’s dinner: Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli with chicken and a banana for dessert

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