Baby Em’s first craft time

I can’t wait for my Little Em to be able to do craft time with mama – we will make wonderful art work, paint and color – I sure hope she likes crafts. I have plans for a bright colored Em size “craft table” in the basement were the artistry will happen.

I’m not the most artsy person. My mom is though. I usually need to get my ideas from others – typically pinterest. BUT I love the time together that craft making creates.

Here is the first mama and daughter activities that we did!

Little footprints at age three months

I use crayola non-toxic paint and it seems to work great. I liked that it washed off quickly and I wasn’t afraid of staining. Let me tell you — getting her foot prints was much easier than hand prints. Even though difficult to get a hand print, it was fun to watch her explore the texture of the paint on her hands.

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