Starting a allergy rotation diet

The past few weeks have been ridiculous. Miss Em’s allergy test results came back about 2 weeks ago — Everything that I was anticipating flew out the window – as the doctor said “well the good news is that we have some results – the bad news is that we have a lot of them.” Ugh – my heart sank. I was finally getting the hang of a gluten free, egg free, dairy free diet. I finally had a meal binder put together and tons of recipes — I was eagerly anticipating that Em would be able to start eating lots more foods. Wow was I mistaken!

It has done Em well to not have any gluten, eggs, or dairy over the past 6 months. So good that those items didn’t show up as a problem on her testing. YAY! With that said — about 23 other foods tested very high for allergy/intolerance — You read correctly TWENTY-THREE foods! These are foods that she has ate in abundance over the past 6 months – carrots, squash, cauliflower, avocado, sweet potato, and on and on.

Hard to imagine that such wonderful food is raising heck on your insides.

So I spent the last two weeks trying to get rid of all the new allergy foods out of Em’s diet and mine (since I still nurse). Many people ask me why I don’t stop nursing – stopping at this point isn’t really an option as I don’t know what Em would drink. I started to introduce yogurt to Em and three days later while she was eating yogurt she broke out in hives all over her little face. Talk about one MAD and frustrated mama!  Come to find out we need to start a rotation diet. I had started introducing new foods too fast and too often. I learned (luckily not too late) that people prone to food allergies and sensitivities have a high chance of becoming sensitive to foods that they eat too often – SO many people find out they are allergic to XYZ – they remove those items from their diet and replace it with ABC – They eat ABC on a consistent basis and over time they become intolerant to ABC. It seems like a vicious cycle. So the trick is a 4 day rotation! Your system needs four days to clear the food out.

A rotation diet separates foods by food family and then you can only have that food family 1 time in four days. Talk about a nightmare to organize. Luckily I found this great resource that already has the food families grouped in a four day rotation (

So after two hours of reading and mulling over food – We have our first week planned. It can only get easier from here!

Week 1 – Four Day Rotation – Based on food families and allergies – We have completely eliminated medium and high allergy foods!

Day 1                                                                  Day 2                                       

Break        Banana/Quinoa/Egg                Rice and Cantaloupe

Lunch      Chicken/Green Beans/Figs     Pork Chops and Zucchini

Snack       Peas                                                Cantaloupe

Dinner    Chicken/Peas/Banana              Ham/Pumpkin/Rice

                    Day 3                                             Day 4

Break       Blueberry and Apple                 Prune and Barley

Lunch      Chicken and Broccoli              Roast Beef and Green Peppers

Snack       Turnip                                         Yogurt

Dinner    Talapia/Broccoli/Apple         Roast Beef/ Green Pepper/ Barley

I know our meals sound pretty bland – for now. Many foods we haven’t introduced to little Em yet and we can’t introduce them all at once so I anticipate that over the next couple weeks our meals will gain a little more flavor! I will be blogging about this journey as I have been grateful for others who have blogged as they have helped me greatly.

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