Advent Season Begins

What a joyful time of year. I love it! The cold days, the beautiful lights, the busyness of the stores and the yummy food. What I am most excited for this year is celebrating Advent with my family — Gearing up to the birth of Jesus — remembering that Christmas is not about what I want and gifts, gifts, gifts — it is about Jesus being born and the wonderful gifts that were given!

This year we have an Advent bible study that we are enjoying as a family at the dinner table each night. I have also made an Advent candle holder for our dining room table. It turned out really neat!

To make my center piece I just meandered through Hobby Lobby and I picked out 5 candles – 4 maroon and 1 white. I picked out some garland pieces and a bought a cheap clear plastic plate – from the party area. When I got home I arranged the candles and I cut apart the garland to fit around the candles – presto! I chose not to glue anything down. I figure that I can take it apart at the end of the season and it will store better.



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