Love ALL year Round!

Love is in the air! I love Valentine’s Day – Yes, I know it’s just a Hallmark Holiday – Whatever, it is a wonderful time of year to show others how much you love them. This year I could not wait to show my husband what I had made for him. I put together a YEAR of romance for us to share. I created a special date for each month. We try to have a traditional date night a few times a month. By traditional I mean we just escape from our little one and hang out with each other. Hit up a movie, grab a bite to eat and sometimes drop off the baby and come back to the house with some take out and catch up on TV shows. SO for this, I tried to think of a fun and creative date for us once a month.

I found this cute little box at Hobby Lobby. I thought it was very fitting.


I put each of the dates in their own little envelope. Also in the envelope I put a marriage challenge. Each month we will have a different challenge for us to do – for example – this month our challenge is to commit to pray for each other and with each other every day of the month. My hope is that this will become a rhythm in our marriage and will carry on past this month.


I also made prayer bookmarks for each of us to carry in our books. At the beginning of each month when we open the new envelope we can also talk about any prayer requests that we have for each other, for our little one and for our marriage. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing this bookmark every time I read my book and having specific topics to pray for my husband about.


I also included some Coffee Talk cards in the box. We are both being more intentional about our time. We have become aware of how idle time can so easily be spent checking facebook, messing on our phones, surfing the internet, etc. RATHER than being present and engaged with the people around us.  So we are making an effort to put the technology away, when not needing it for something really constructive, and BE with each other. So when we are just hanging out in the evening and Baby Em is fast asleep and our conversation is slow we can pull out a Coffee Talk card. Yay! Some of the questions are surface level questions but others are more in-depth. Should be fun!


Please check out the blog  ~ I mimicked her idea for this project and she has a lot of ideas for dates and loving your spouse better. She also has the PDF for the Coffee Talk Cards. Great website!

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